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The Name Of the Company is PARTAP PAPER MILLS LIMITED. The Registered Office Of Mukut House , The Mall , Amritsar . The Company Shall be Situated in the State Of PUNJAB To Carry On the buisness of manufacturers and sellers of all varieties of Papers and boards and paper and board products in all its branches. To carry on the business of manufacture of paper pulp,wood pulp,straw pulp,bamboo pulp and fibrous pulp of all description and any other material required.To carry on bussiness as manufacturers ,makers, dealers,importers,exporters and traders of all kinds of paper includind writing,printing bond,kraft duplex,triples,newsprint,absorbent, wrapping,tissue cover,blotting,filter,antique,ivory finish,coated,art,carteidgem clothes lined,Azure laid and wove,cream laid and wove,grease proof,handmade, parchment,drawing,kraft manilla envelope,tracing vellum,water proof,carton,sensitised chemically treated litmus,photographic,grass wall and ceiling paper and all others varieties of all kinds of pulp,as straw board,pasteboard,mill board,packing materials,card and board boxes,cartons and all similar produce and goods.To carry on the whole or any part of the business and to extend and develop the same and generally to carry on within india and elsewhere,the business of paper manufacturers and wholesale stationers; including box-makers,enevelops,card and paste board surface coloured paper and half stuff manufacturers ,fancy stationers;playing-cards makers;machine rulers accounts and memorandum book makers,paper machine manufacturers and glazed and mill board makers and any other business or agency which may be incidental to and glazed and mill board makers and any other business or agency which may be incidental to and convenient to be carried on with such business or any branch thereof.